Green Farms
What is Our Green Farms ?
          As vegetables and fruit are the mainstay of our diets, it is crucial that these fresh products are safe and of high quality when they reach the final consumer.
         Fresh vegetables are the nature’s gift for us, provided in plentitude. They promote good health in most inexpensive manner. We supply only Fresh Vegetables that have the ability to meet your nutritional needs. Scientific research suggests that adequate consumption of Fruits and Vegetables controls  Blood Cholesterol Levels, Blood Pressure, Lessen Obesity and Reduce Heart Disease, Stroke, Diabetes and Cancer. Hence, our focus always remains on supplying you with fresh sparkling seasonal vegetables. To enable their easy reach, we market our Fresh Vegetables at most reasonable prices. We make use of advanced Technologies to keep vegetables fresh. We have also devised packing methods to preserve the freshness of the vegetables as long as possible. We trade in a wide range of vegetable products that are ready to eat. With no additives and no Health Hazards, we make sure that the vegetables are stored fresh with no loss of nutrients, flavor, colors, texture and shape. Fully automated system is used for the packing line to keep our products untouched by hands. They are packed in various quantities as per the client's specification. All our vegetable products can be consumed fresh as salads or can be cooked with ease.

Green Farms Aim to
1)It is our aim to continue to provide our customers with high quality products.
2)Our prime range includes various types of vegetables & Indian fruits.
3)We are supplying premium quality of fresh vegetables & fresh fruits to the customers all over the world.
4)We collect fruits from highly reputed and reliable farmers who can take guarantee of their production.
5)Natural production techniques, maintained hygienic conditions and health conscious cultivation ensures that every fruit is full of nutrients and healthy.
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