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 About Us
What we do ?
          Synergy Trading Company was established in India. With the frame work of the mutual strategy of cooperation; those who established the Company are very specialized especially in the trading business.
          Synergy Trading is a highly efficient systemized company that provides and distributes leading quality products. It is our aim to continue to provide our customers with the very best in cutting-edge solutions. We will continue to grow as a top-class specialized technology Trading Company that provides “top class products”.
          We purchase, sale, import and export all types of products ranging from low to high cost items. We deal with Base oils, Aromatic oils, Petroleum Products, Textile Products, Scrap Metals, Safety Items, Power Tools, Hardware Items, Hand Tools, Agricultural Tools, Welding Equipments, Construction Equipments, Generators, Water pumps, Engines, pipes and Fittings, Valves & Fittings, Electrical and Electronic Items, items related to any general merchandise for daily use etc... Our motto is to provide our customers exceptional quality and reasonable prices as efficiently and quickly as possible.

        With a vision of becoming the leading general trading company, Synergy Trading strives to play a key role in enhancing the nation’s growth through the global marketing of its locally produced and procured commodities.
        The quality of our goods is leading us. We focus on long lasting relationship with clients and suppliers.

Our Mission
          To serve our customers in every way possible satisfying all their needs at all times, ultimately proving to be the best in the industry.
Our Vision
          To see us as the incomparable Pioneers of Freshness in the years to come, letting our branches grow stronger and thereby strengthening the roots of the huge dream planted decades ago.
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